About deepstate.

deepstate. (Alex Donka/Joey Rebbe) is an electronic music duo from Seattle. deepstate.'s music blends the energy of heavy bass 
with the raw power of orchestral instruments, resulting in a unique electronic style that evokes strong emotions and leaves
listeners overstruck 

After a long summer of gigs in 2021, highlighted by their festival debut at Bass Canyon (WA), the group spent their Fall and Winter preparing their next series of releases. This includes their latest EP, Manifesto, as well as a slew of Midtempo, Dubstep, and Melodic Bass tracks that are slated to release every over month through the rest of the year. deepstate. currently has over 80,000 streams on Spotify and aims to break 100,000 by Summer. 

Joey and Alex perform as deepstate. to satirize the ways in which the government and "system" seek to control people. 
The ultimate goal of deepstate. is to call out the powerful groups who confine society while using music to let people know what they can do about it.